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Where on Earth: Great Sand Dunes National Park

Where on Earth is this dry, sandy landscape, covered in dunes?


Produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach in collaboration with the NASA Earth Observatory (

Story adapted from Image of the Day post by M. Justin Wilkinson, NASA-JSC:

  • Oblique view of Great Sand Dunes National Park taken by the Expedition 16 Crew of the International Space Station

  • Sand Dunes photographed by the National Park Service

  • A satellite view of the region from the Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper plus (EMT+) shows the Sangre de Cristo mountains to the east, with the light-colored dunefield in the center, partially surrounded by a darker-colored sand sheet.

  • Written by Margaret Carruthers

  • Designed by Dani Player

  • Music from Yesh Music (ASCAP)


All narration is presented in text form within the video. In addition, a full transcript will be available in the Library in the near future. Check back soon!