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What is ViewSpace?

ViewSpace is a free, web-based collection of digital interactives and videos highlighting the latest developments in astronomy and Earth science.

ViewSpace gives you the opportunity to explore our planet, solar system, galaxy, and universe. Provided free with the support of NASA, ViewSpace is developed by a team of scientists, educators, and communication specialists who collaborate to ensure that content is accurate, up-to-date, engaging, relevant, and accessible to a wide audience.


ViewSpace interactives allow you to explore objects and materials from different perspectives, discovering how we can combine information to better understand the universe.

Split image of a disc-shaped galaxy. The left half of the image shows visible light in shades of brown and gray. The right side shows an infrared image in reds and blues.

Different forms of light: Explore visible and invisible wavelengths of light that help us understand features like the dusty brim of the Sombrero Galaxy roughly 30 million light-years away.

Split image of stars and dusty clouds. The left half of the image shows visible light of the dusty clouds in orange, brown, and blue. The right half of the image shows infrared light of the clouds in dark smoky gray, and the stars in orange.

Hidden objects: Unveil invisible light to reveal hidden objects like the stars forming inside Mystic Mountain, a pillar of gas and dust 7,500 light-years from Earth.

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ViewSpace videos tell the stories of the planets, stars, galaxies, and universe, giving viewers the opportunity to experience space and Earth as seen with satellites and telescopes.

Screenshot of a video showing the Milky Way with two features called out in detail.

Astronomy: Explore the sky with stories told through spectacular imagery from space telescopes.

Screenshot of a video titled "Where on Earth?" showing a satellite image of the Marlborough Sounds, South Island of New Zealand

Earth science: Gain new perspectives on our home planet based on data gathered by Earth-orbiting satellites.

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ViewSpace is produced by the Office of Public Outreach at the Space Telescope Science Institute , in partnership with the NASA's Universe of Learning project and NASA's Earth Observing System, Hubble Space Telescope Project, and James Webb Space Telescope Project.

ViewSpace has been exhibited in museums, planetariums, and science centers across the country since 2000.