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Expand Your Universe with the ViewSpace Video Collection

ViewSpace videos feature the latest imagery from satellites and space telescopes, and provide unique insight into our understanding of the universe, developed by a team of scientists, educators, writers, and designers working closely with NASA missions.

The ViewSpace video library is open to anyone to view individual videos. The looping video collection is meant for exhibits and isViewSpace videos are available for free to organizations such as museums, science centers, and libraries that would like to present ViewSpace to the public.

Preview the Video Collection

This sampling provides a glimpse into the variety of engaging astronomy and Earth science content featured in the ViewSpace video collection. This selection is available with or without an account and is updated regularly with new content reflecting the latest NASA imagery and scientific discoveries.

News from the Universe


Short Features

In a Different Light

Access to the full collection of ViewSpace videos requires registration, a computer/monitor or smart TV, and reliable and persistent internet access. A ViewSpace account provides access to a web-based system that:

  • Updates automatically, with new content added regularly
  • Plays videos automatically, with minimal staff effort and virtually no daily maintenance
  • Includes a choice of astronomy, Earth science, or combined astronomy/Earth science playlists
  • Streams a curated mix of shows of different topics and formats, including regular science news updates
  • Provides the latest stories from NASA Astrophysics, developed in partnership with scientists from NASA’s missions

Request an Account

If your organization would like to present ViewSpace videos to the public*, please complete the following account request. Once your request is reviewed, you will be sent additional registration information.

*To maintain continuous streaming, ViewSpace accounts are currently available only to organizations that wish to present ViewSpace to others.

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Like the universe itself, ViewSpace content and functionality are ever expanding!

If you would like updates about new content and features available to ViewSpace users with and without registration, please sign up to join the ViewSpace email list.