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Celestial Tour: Exoplanets and the James Webb Space Telescope


Hubble Anniversary (20th & 25th)
Produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute’s Office of Public Outreach.
All images, illustrations, and videos courtesy of NASA, ESA, and STScI except:
·       Ground-based image of Carina Nebula © R. Gendler, J.-E. Ovaldsen, C. Feron, and C. Thone
·       Twinkling star movie courtesy of Applied Optics Group (Imperial College), William Herschel Telescope
·       Gran Telescopio Canarias photo courtesy of Victor R. Ruiz
·       M51 image from Gran Telescopio Canarias courtesy of IAC/GTC
·       Taurus constellation drawing from Firmamentum Sobiescianum sive Uranographia by Johannes Hevelius, courtesy of the United States Naval Observatory
Written by Vanessa Thomas and John Stoke
Designed by Marc Lussier and John Godfrey 
Music courtesy of Associated Production Music


All narration is presented in text form within the video. In addition, a full transcript will be available in the Library in the near future. Check back soon!