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Human Impacts

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Where on Earth? Windbreaks in Japan
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Earth in the News: Wildfires
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Satellite Views of the Susquehanna
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An Ash-Damaged Island in the Philippines
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The Disappearance of Ecuador’s Tallest Waterfall
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World of Change: Ozone Concentrations Over Antarctica
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Global Feature Tour: Ash, Dust, Clouds, and Smoke
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Did You Know: Monitoring Greenhouse Gases
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Global Feature Tour: Ash, Dust, Clouds, and Smoke
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Where on Earth: Tropical Glaciers in Indonesia
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Where on Earth: Floating Islands in India
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Where on Earth: Burn Scars in Alaska
807264819 295x166
Where on Earth: Heat Island in India
807264795 295x166
Where on Earth: Ship Tracks over the Atlantic
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World of Change: Columbia Glacier
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Did You Know: Archaeology from Space
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Did You Know: Wallops Island, Virginia
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Aquaculture in Sansha Bay, China
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Salt Production in France
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Above and Beyond: Fire and Agriculture in Borneo and Sumatra
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World of Change: Mountaintop Mining in West Virginia
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At a Glance: Logging Activity in Washington State
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Myth vs Reality: Locations of Deforestation
798243659 295x166
Terrestrial Tour: Falling Trees
798243544 295x166
Insight Into: Deforestation
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Above and Beyond: Logging and Agriculture in Bolivia.
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Myth vs Reality: Causes of Deforestation
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Rice Fields in California
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Before and After: Irrigation in Saudi Arabia
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Did You Know: Farming by Satellite
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Global Feature Tour: Agricultural Field Patterns
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Terrestrial Tour: The Floating Gardens of Myanmar
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Where on Earth: Seaweed Farms in South Korea
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Where on Earth: Shrimp Farms in Honduras
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World Of Change: Seasons of the Indus River
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World Of Change: The Aral Sea  
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Myth vs Reality: Effects of City Lights
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Myth vs Reality: Light Pollution
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At a Glance: United States at Night
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Terrestrial Tour: Earth at Night
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Above and Beyond: Italy at Night
765867711 295x166
Above and Beyond: Wildfires by Day and Night
765867560 295x166
Above and Beyond: Night over Scandinavia
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Above and Beyond: Global Image of Earth at Night
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Terrestrial Tour: Firefighting from Space
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Terrestrial Tour: Is Earth's Ice Thawing?
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Portraits of Earth: Tamarisk Invasion
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Terrestrial Tour: Coral Reefs at Risk
765865818 295x166
Terrestrial Tour: Marshes Under Threat
765865912 295x166
World of Change: Mesopotamian Marshes
765866391 295x166
Insight Into: Marshes
765865632 295x166
Terrestrial Tour: Glaciers
765866115 295x166
Terrestrial Tour: Freshwater—A Precious Resource
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Above and Beyond: Algae Bloom in Lake Erie
765865809 295x166
Above and Beyond: The Aral Sea
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Myth vs Reality: Floods and Levees
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Myth vs Reality: Flooding and Pollution
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Above and Beyond: The Changing Mississippi River
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Above and Beyond: Ship Tracks Above the Pacific