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Historic Ingenuity on Mars


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The Earth rapidly spins. Text, News from the Universe. April 23, 2021.
New from the Universe.Historic ingenuity on Mars. April 23, 2021.
Credit, NASA slash JPL Caltech, NASA slash JPL Caltech slash ASU slash MSSS.
NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter saw its own shadow as it hovered over the Martian surface on April 19, 2021.
The success made ingenuity the first aircraft in history to make a powdered, controlled flight on another planet.
NASA's Perseverance rover sent back video of the historic first flight.
Too far to be controlled from Earth, the flight demonstration was performed autonomously using special software.
The helicopter takes off from Mars' red soil and whirs in the sky. Text, The first airfield on another world is now named Wright Brothers Field to honor the men credited with the first flight on Earth 117 years ago.
The Earth rapidly spins. Text, This news was brought to you in part by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.