Campfires on the Sun

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Text, News From The Universe. July 23, 2020
Campfires on the Sun
Image, The mottled black and yellow surface of the Sun.
Text, The Solar Orbiter mission has sent back its first images - the closest views ever captured of the Sun.
While testing nstruments, scientists also made a new discovery: tiny flares all over the Sun's surface.
Scientists are referring to the tiny phenomena as "campfires."
Images show close-ups of the "campfires" which appear as bright spots amidst the swirling solar surface.

Text, It's unknown of they are true flares or somethng else, giving Solar Orbiter an exciting ,ystery right at the start of its mission.
As Solar Orbiter gets even closer to the Sun, scientists will measure the temperature of the "campfires" to learn more.
This news was brought to you by The European Space Agency and NASA